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Add your site to Lite Analytics

After opening an account, you must add a website to your account in order to track its analytics. By doing so, Lite Analytics will generate a JavaScript code that needs to be added to your webpages for tracking purposes.

When adding your site, please include only the domain name, without "www" and without any path following the domain name. You can track analytics for websites only if you or a team member have access and can install the JavaScript code on the site.

Add site screenshot

All web analytics for sites will be displayed in the selected site's time zone. When adding a website, choose the most convenient time zone for your site. This could be your local time zone, or the time zone of the country where the majority of your users are located and for which the site is targeted. You are free to select any time zone, just be aware that all statistics will be presented according to the website's time zone that you have specified.

What if you don't have your own domain

If you don't have your own domain and are developing in a test environment, such as Google Sites or a similar service, simply use a placeholder that resembles a domain name, like mysite.test or if you know what your production domain would be, use that.

Next step: Install code on your site

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