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Ignore your own visits to your website

While developing your site, you are likely to visit it frequently. If your site has a large number of users, your own visits may not significantly impact your analytics data. However, with a smaller user base, your visits could skew your data.

To exclude your own visits from the analytics, you can set the variable lta_do_not_track=true in your browser. This ensures that your activity does not influence your site's data, providing a more accurate insight into your users' behaviour.

You can set this browser variable by following these steps:

  • Navigate to your website
  • Open browser's developer tools (In Chrome from main menu View -> Developer -> Developer tools)
  • Navigate to Application tab in Chrome, or Storage in Firefox/Safari
  • Navigate to Local Storage and select your site
  • Add new variable lta_do_not_track with value true

Here is the short video explaining how you shold set up this variable in Chrome.

Ignore your own visits by setting up lta_do_not_track browser variable
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