Lite Analytics documentation

Install script in plain HTML

To track your site's statistics, you must install the Lite Analytics script on your website.

Lite Analytics will generate a JavaScript code specific to your domain name, which should resemble the following:

<script defer async data-host="your_domain_name_here" src=""></script>

The general recommendation is to place the Lite Analytics code just before the closing </head> tag. However, you can also place it elsewhere within the <body> element if you prefer. The defer and async attributes ensure that the script loads after the rest of the page, so the loading and execution of the Lite Analytics script won't interfere with your page's loading process in any way.

Here's an example of the script embedded in your web page:
  <title>Website title</title>
  <script defer async data-host="your_domain_name_here

  <p>Your website content…</p>
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