Lite Analytics documentation

Install script in WordPress

There are several ways to install the Lite Analytics script on your WordPress site:

1) Using Header & Footer code plugin

Instead of developing our own plugin for WordPress, we recommend installing the Header & Footer Code plugin. This highly-rated plugin has more than 100,000+ active installations and can be used to include arbitrary JavaScript code on your pages, not just Lite Analytics.

After installing the plugin, insert the Lite Analytics code into the HEAD Code section.

2) Using theme settings

Some more advanced WordPress themes, such as Avada, have their own sections where you can add arbitrary JavaScript code, like the Lite Analytics code.

The exact implementation varies depending on the theme. For instance, in the Avada theme, navigate to Advance -> Code Fields, and then add the Lite Analytics code in the b>Space before </head> field.

3) Manually

If you are an experienced WordPress developer and know what you're doing, you can include the Lite Analytics code directly in your WordPress theme templates, just as described in the installation code for plain HTML section.

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